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Bobby is a brilliant Musician with a discriminating ear for nuance. He has developed strings that manage to capture the fullness and warmth needed to hold down the low end while simultaneously providing bright pop to stand out above the mix. They have just the right amount of Mid range to punch without sacrificing fidelity for presence.
I have been playing Bass for more than 40 years and in my constant quest for tone I have never been as happy as I am with these strings . I have them on all my Basses.
Lanny Brooks - noted bassist

"When I first played these strings I didn't know about the better quality materials and the guys who care about what they do. I just knew they sounded great, felt even better, and I had a new favorite string..."
Steve Mackey, bass (Delbert McClinton, Trisha Yearwood, Nashville sessions)

Love the strings! They feel great in my hands and provide a powerful fundamental tone with just enough ping. They’re making me give up my beloved DRs, and that’s saying something!
Bill Harrison

Thoughts on the bass strings.....
"They feel good right out of the package.
Warm, consistant tone. very comfortable feel.
The new benchmark for bass strings.The tone, the feel, the quality and the company have won me over. Sorry Rotosound...."
PS -- Can you guys ship to the afterlife?
Rich Nelson of White Saddle Band & Eight Miles South

"In my almost 30 years of playing many different styles of music never have I had a set of strings that come to life like my RND round-wound Bass Strings. Strings that "Pop" to life under your fingers, they hold tune and remain true under the toughest of gigs. What amazes me is that I have gone from gig to gig without having to retune my bass, the strings are just that good."
Matthew Murphy of 312 Go!, Rain Kings, Cook County Tone Ponies

I got the set of strings the very next day and they make all the difference in the world. They sound great... Of all the different strings I have tried, these sound the smoothest and sweet.
Jaimie Kopy - 1969 (The Band)

I'd like to give my endorsement & review of the new line of strings from RND. I actually did a side by side comparison of Elixers vs RND acoustic strings on two very similar Gibson B-25 guitars, a friend's 1964, and my 1967.
I put a set of Elixers on my friend's 1964, and then a few days later I received the RND strings and decided to put them on my 1967, and compare the two. They both sounded very good, but I liked the sound of the RND strings on my accoustic because I thought it sounded a little "brighter" than the Elixers.
That was three months ago, and I'm still impressed with the sound of the RND strings. I finally gave my friend back his B-25, and even though the Elixers still sound good on his guitar, I prefer the bronze RND strings on my B-25. Don't think I'll be going back to the Elixers on this or my other two acoustics.
I think Bobby D. is onto something with the new strings.
Jack Neill - Baltimore, MD








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